Medical Waste Collection Procedure

  1. The process of waste collection by law dictates that all biohazardous waste must be in boxes and needle waste in sharp bins must be weighed on premises and documented. 

  2. One copy of the manifest document is left with the waste generator as proof of what was collected by MNE Waste Management on the premisses. 

  3. MNE Waste Management sends all waste to authorised (permitted) destruction sites.

  4. At the destruction site, all waste is weighed again to ensure the corresponding weight of what was collected is the correct weight delivered. 

  5. This process is again documented and the second copy of the manifest document is stamped and sent back to the waste generator as proof that the waste was properly destructed. 

  6. MNE Waste Management keeps records to ensure  that waste was properly transported and destructed upon inspection - Cradle to grave approach.

  7. Prior notice of 24 - 48 hours for each collection helps us ensure that we can add you to our list of collections in a particular week. This will also include any stock you may need i.e collection of box waste and sharps,